• Best way to keep mud, clay, ice, and grime from sticking. Makes cleanup quick and easy

  • Make Cleanup Quick and Easy!

  • keep your machine looking new!

  • Sherrill S


    I have to say we tried this Armor Kote this weekend, we have been using Slick Mist, and I can honestly say this stuff really works better than Lucas! Best thing you can ever use on your car, makes clean up a breeze!!!

  • Cory K


    I tested a can of this over the weekend at Millville, mn national atv/mx race. I've been a long time user of sc1. I sprayed all 4 of our bikes down on sat. All bikes came back muddy. I washed them which took half the time as not using anything. The big difference for me was I didn't have to reapply for Sunday races and the dirt whipped right off. This stuff has my vote.

  • Brett B.


    As the car dried out, the dirt was literally falling off the car sitting in the garage without touching it. And not leaving any trace of the dirt behind. 
    When I finally got to wash the car over a week after the race, the car came clean much easier than when using pro prep or wd40 or Pam.

  • Travis A


    This stuff is awesome!! After applying a thick coat, snow just falls off, Mudd doesn’t stick, and makes cleaning so easy. Plus it smells amazing.