(function e(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.type="text/javascript",e.async=true,e.src="//staticw2.yotpo.com/btUMiL4EOkBxBzUDHKD5lmAmrwI07Gzg399ROOPc/widget.js";var t=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];t.parentNode.insertBefore(e,t)})(); Best way to keep mud from sticking on ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes, Trucks.


I have to say we tried this Armor Kote this weekend, we have been using Slick Mist, and I can honestly say this stuff really works better than Lucas! Best thing you can ever use on your car, makes clean up a breeze!!!

Sherrill S.

Rain or shine the show must go on! If you don't like washing a muddy machine for hours than you gotta get yourself some Armor Kote washing has never been easier after a mud show 

Brian M.

Armor kote worked awesome. I was using some snow plow wax spray and was ok. But your product is perfect and has a great smell lol. The wife sprayed the trailer down with it just because it freshened it up from the VP gas smell. I recommend this for any dirt racing for clay,sand etc... 

Curtis K.

 I tested a can of this over the weekend at Millville, mn national atv/mx race. I've been a long time user of sc1. I sprayed all 4 of our bikes down on sat. All bikes came back muddy. I washed them which took half the time as not using anything. The big difference for me was I didn't have to reapply for Sunday races and the dirt whipped right off. This stuff has my vote.

Cory K.

Got a can to try on our mud race trucks while on Shine Runner Racing Radio. I must say this stuff does just what they say. Really brightened the color and mud just sheeted off with a water hose. Very great product and great people too.

William N.

I use it on my Modlite and it works wonders!! It makes cleanup so much easier and I also used it on my helmet and I was very impressed.

Randy W.