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EZ-CLEAN Mud Repellent 4 Pack

Armor Kote

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EZ-Clean Mud Repellent is a silicone-free formula that leaves a clear non-gloss protective layer helping repel mud, dirt clay, and ice, from sticking. This spray is great for riders who want a protective coat for mud without the high gloss shine or attracting dust. This formula repels very well and can be applied over the top of the Shine coating that’s been buffed in. The EZ-Clean will add a layer of protection on our Shine Coating making the shine last longer.

  • EZ-CLEAN Mud Repellent Spray helps prevent mud, clay, ice, and other grime from sticking to your equipment.
  • This formula contains no silicone and will not attract dust or leave a slick, shiny surface behind.
  • This ATV, UTV mud repellent comes in a 16 oz. spray bottle and is safe to use on hard surfaces such as plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, helmets, painted surfaces, and metals.
  • Just apply before you hit the trails or track and cut your post-ride cleaning time in half. 
  • No wiping needed. Just spray on and let dry.


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