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What is Armor Kote?  Armor Kote is a advanced clear finishing spray that helps prevent , mud, rubber, grass, and bugs from sticking to treated surfaces. Cutting clean up time in half. Armor Kote also quickly treats plastics, vinyl, rubber, making dull surfaces look new again. 

What can I use it on?: Armor Kote can safely applied to multiple surfaces including Plastics, Vinyl, Carbon Fiber, Matt Finishes,Painted surfaces, Metals, Aluminum, and much more. 

What could I use it for? Works great on ATV/UTV’s, Dirt Bikes, Trucks/Cars trim, Lawn Mower decks, Mountain Bikes, Boats, and Snowmobile are just a few applications.

How do I Apply it?

  1. Shake Well before using.
  2. Prepare surface. Remove dirt,dust,oil and grease. 
  3. Hold can 10"-12" from surface. Use a stroking motion.Apply two or more coats rather than one heavy coat. 
  4. For a high gloss dry finish, use a clean cotton or microfiber towel to buff treated area.

How long will it last?  Armor Kote multi-surface spray leaves a durable lasting, and water resistant shine. The lifetime will depend on the how clean the surface is when applying the Armor Kote to, and how much abrasive action it will see.

How do I remove Armor Kote? Armor Kote is not meant to permanently adhere to treated surfaces. It can be removed with soap and water.

Does it leave a wet oily finish? Armor Kote is a dry based silicone spray that will not leave a wet oily finish. 

Can I use it on my vechicles trim? Absolutely, Armor kote works great on trim! It will bring plastic back to life, and black trim back to its original look. Works well also with wheel liners, mirrors, and much more.

Note: Armor Kote goes on clear and does not need to be applied on heavily for the solution to work.

Important: Armor Kote contains silicone and may cause surfaces to become slick. When applying to Motorcyle surfaces, avoid contact to Hand Grips, Seats, Foot Pegs, or Tires, as they will become slippery. Also on all Vehicles/Bikes avoid spraying on Brake Pads or Rotors.