Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our Shine Coating is a unique blend of premium silicone and mineral oils formulated to leave a high gloss water resistant shine. This formula helps prevent mud, clay, and ice, from sticking. Making cleanup much easier while helping fight corrosion. The Shine coating can also be layered for longer lasting shine and protection.

What surfaces can I apply Armor Kote on?

Armor Kote ATV cleaner can safely be applied to multiple hard surfaces, including plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber, matte finishes, painted surfaces, metals, aluminum, and other hard surfaces.

What could I use it on? 

Armor Kote works great on ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, trucks, car trim, lawn mower decks, mountain bikes, boats, and snowmobiles

How do I apply the Shine Coating spray?

Start with a surface that's clean, dry, and cool. Apply the Shine coating — you can spray it on and leave it, or you can buff it in with a microfiber towel for a dry shine. For the best results, spray on and let sit for a few minutes before buff in. The Shine coating can also be layered for longer lasting shine and protection.

You can also apply our EZ-Clean pre-ride treatment over top of our Shine coating that has been buffed in. This will give the surface additional protection against mud, clay, dirt, ice, and grime from sticking. Doing so makes it much easier to clean off.

How do I apply the EZ-Clean spray?

Again, start with a surface that's clean, dry, and cool. If you have applied the Shine Coating first, buff in any area with a microfiber towel before applying the EZ-Clean. Simple spray on a light layer and let sit for 10-15 minutes or until completely dry.

What surfaces should I avoid spraying Armor Kote  Shine Coating on?

Places you want to avoid spraying Armor Kote would be brakes, seats, a steering wheel, and basically any surface you don’t want to become slick or slippery.  Avoid Hot engine or motor parts. Wait till they are completely cooled down before applying

How long will it last?  

Armor Kote multi-surface shine coating spray leaves a lasting water-resistant shine. The lifetime will depend on how clean the surface is when applying, how much you layer the spray, and how much abrasive action it will see. Both products are not designed to be a permit coating.

How do I remove Armor Kote Products?

Armor Kote is not meant to permanently adhere to treated surfaces. It can be removed with soap, water, and a light scrubbing with a microfiber towel.

Can I use it on my vehicle's trim?

Absolutely, our Shine Coating works great on vehicle trim making dull surfaces look new again. 

The EZ-Clean work great on bare plastics trim, and wheel liners leaving lasting protection.  

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