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On/Off-road Wash Reload Kit

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Grab a bundle of our Wash & Wax Soap, and Plastic Shine & Protect will keep your machine looking new while making cleanup easier! 

Refill kit Includes:

2- 32oz Bottles of Wash & Wax Soap

2-16oz Bottles of Plastic Shine & Protect 

2-16oz Bottles of Quick Clean

2- 16oz Bottles of Ceramic Quick Detailer

Ultra Wash and Wax soap- will provide a clean, streak-free finish. The Ultra-concentrated formula gives superior lubrication to help reduce scratches your paint’s finish.

  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces 
  • Loosens mud, dirt & grime from surfaces.
  • Leaves a clean, streak-free shine

Plastic Shine & Protect - keep your machine plastics, vinyl, and rubber looking new. It provides protection against UV rays that can cause discoloration and fading over time. The liquid formula comes in a 16oz bottle that lasts much longer than our previous aerosol version and doesn't attract dust.

Quick Clean -is a multi-purpose cleaning agent that includes two natural degreasers to cut grease and grime. An optical brightener to shine surfaces.

Ceramic Quick Detailer -is an advanced nano-ceramic silica waterless wash. It quickly cleans and enhances your vehicle’s appearance. Each application leaves your finish clean, hydrophobic, and with a high gloss shine. The built-in lifting agents safely allow dirt to be lifted away.